Deadly floods in Sri Lanka, Millenniumsoils OK
Like its two sister produce farms in Mexico, Wholesum Amado is all-organic, says Ricardo Crisantes, the company
In lieu of physical Christmas cards, we at Millenniumsoils Coir have been delighted to put this money toward food and baby items for those in need.
Click here to read the article regarding the growth of container grown blueberries, done in Millenniumsoils Coir at the Vineland Research Centre.
A nice article about one of our customers using Millenniumsoils Coir Growbags in Mexico, and how they have increased their production by 10%
Lots of customers have expressed concerns both to make sure that that our workers and families are safe after the widespread flooding in Sri Lanka.....
The largest, most modern pre-commercial horticultural research greenhouse in North America is making its official debut on June 3
Instead of spending the money on Christmas Cards, Millenniumsoils Coir again has decided to put the money to better use.
Check out the video inside to see our bags in action
Wholesum Harvest received a "BEST" rating from Whole Foods....

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