Millenniumsoils Coir - Berry Bags

    Millenniumsoils Coir has seen the need in the berry market for a high quality coconut coir substrate. 

    Many growers are beginning to bring their soft fruit out of the ground, or are already growing hydroponically but without the high quality of Millenniumsoils Coir.  Because of this Millenniumsoils Coir has spent the last two years working together with growers to match the product that will give them the highest quality Berry bag to give them the highest quality yields.

    For 30 years, Millenniumsoils Coir has been proving that it’s Vegetable bags outperform the competition.  And now you can have the benefits in your soft fruit crops as well!

    We are currently supplying a Berry bag for the beginning cycle, as well as a larger bag for later in the growing cycle.  While offering standard sizes for these bags, we also offer different sizes for growers you have different specifications in their production area.

    We offer different specifications for different crops, but always make sure that the Coconut Coir will meet the highest quality standards for your highest yields.



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