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    Hanging Baskets, Liners, and More

    Millenniumsoils coir also offers a product line derived from Coconut Coir. Some of these products we stock, and some products are brought in special for customers only when they are ordered.

    Coconut Hanging Baskets

    Add a touch of elegance to your garden or anywhere you desire with Millenniumsoils Coir Hanging Baskets. Offered in both Wire Baskets and new Cane Baskets, these baskets are lined with natural, organic, and environmentally safe Coconut Liners. Our Coconut Liners prevent root rot, have excellent drainage, are long lasting, and have a rich natural colour of Coconut that stays longer and will not fade.

    • Available in 12”, 14”, and 16” baskets
    • Customs sizes can also be ordered.
    • Replacement liners also available

    Call for more details and wholesale pricing


    Coconut Replacement Liners

    Millenniumsoils Coir offers replacement liners for our Coconut Hanging Baskets, or any other wire baskets that you may have. Add a natural look to your hanging baskets with our replacement liners.

    • Available to fit 10”, 12” x 14” Hanging baskets
    • Custom sizes available to fit any size basket
    • All Coconut Liners are needle punched and 100% natural
    • Coconut Liner rolls also available

    Coconut Coir Pots

    Millenniumsoils Coir offers you a 100% natural, biodegradable alternative to plastic pots. Plants can be put into the Coir pots to begin germination or growing, the pots will last approx. one year. When you are ready, simply transplant the entire pot into the ground and forget about it. The porus structure of the pot will allow the roots to penetrate the pot into the ground, so there is less transplanting stress. The fibre of the pot will breakdown and become an excellent mulch for your soil. This process improves the success rate of your plants cultured from seedlings and saplings to mature plants, as the roots remain undisturbed while the plant takes to a larger and more permanent environment. Further the porus structure prevents water clogging and is well aerated, helping to prevent the activity of bacteria.

    • Available in any custom size pots
    • Retail pack of 6 also available

    Call for more details and wholesale pricing

    Coconut Coir Pot Covers

    A natural way to stop weeds in your pots. Made from Coconut Fibre and held together with natural rubbers, these pot covers are still able to allow you to use granular fertilizer and water just like normal. Leave them in your pot and the will breakdown after approx. one year and become mulch.

    • Available in any pot size.
    • Inexpensive, saves on labour

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    Also available:

    • Coconut Tree Skirt Liners
    • Coconut Coir Matting
    • Coconut Coir for Geo Textiles
    • Coconut Planter Pots

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    Hop Twine

    Millenniumsoils Coir offers you Coir Strings made out of naturally the best Coir fibre. This natural, biodegradable, yet strong and durable string has many applications. It is widely used in the Hop Industry, as well as Oyster cultivation, among other uses both Agricultural and other. The hairiness of the Coir String improves growth and can give better yield. It is easily workable into the soil for better aeration. Millenniumsoils Coir Strings are made from a renewable resource.

    • Available in breaking strength from 75 lbs to 110 lbs.
    • Available in any cut length.

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