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Eco Initiative


At Millenniumsoils Coir, we know that without a healthy environment there is no future for our product, our people, our families, or our world in general.

Over the last years we have taken steps to ensure that we are doing our part to help keep our planet green and healthy for future generations.

Renewable Energy

Investment in renewable energy at our headquarters and factory locations


Offering compostable plastic options for our products

Waste Water Icon

Care in our waste water recycling to ensure less environmental impact



Ethically Responsible

As well the ecological impact, there is always the people within in.  At Millenniumsoils Coir, we want to make sure the those in our company, our community, and beyond are positively affected by our efforts.

Material from ethical sources

Obtaining our material from ethical sources that are not contributing to any deforestation

donation of product grown

Donation of produce grown onsite to local community foodbanks


Ongoing charitable support

Ongoing charitable support both in Canada and Sri Lanka




Environmental Offsets

Material from ethical sources

Energy production from Head Office Solar panels is enough to power 6 Stadiums for 1 day

donation of product grown

Head Office has produced the carbon offset equivalent of 64.2 tons or the equivalent of 5 acres of forest.