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Wholesum creates a consistent greenhouse climate in the heat of Arizona and Mexico
December 14, 2023
Year-round cultivation in the summer heat was not an option in the past. So Wholesum began to search for better options to improve the climate in both USA and Mexico locations.
Community Care
November 10, 2023
Community Care does great work in our community and we are happy to be able to support them.
Community Care
October 11, 2022
Community Care and Millenniumsoils Coir have worked together for many years. Here is the latest update.
COVID-19 Update
May 1, 2020
At Millenniumsoils Coir, we have been taking the COVID
Community Care Donations 2019
December 2, 2019
A look at the good work Community Care does for our local community and how we offer our support
Growing in the Heat
October 15, 2019
These days, Millenniumsoils Coir is being used all over the world. Check out one of our clients growing in Tunisia.
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