• Manufacturers of Naturally the BEST Coconut Coir Growing Medium.
    With today's concern for environmentally safe products,
    Millenniumsoils Coir growing medium is the natural plant growth
    medium that fits the bill.
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    Get the root system you deserve with Naturally the BEST Millenniumsoils Coir Growbags
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    Growbags suited to your growing style
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    Bulk products for any operation
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    New or Old plants, they all love Millenniumsoils Coir
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    Suppliers of both large and small greenhouse operations
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    Custom mixes for your crop
  • Millenniumsoils Coir has it's own research area to provide you with the best possible Coco products.
Pundits Comments
I have been growing roses, gerberas, and lilies in Millenniumsoils Coir since 1995 and have had fantastic results. I would recommend Millenniumsoils Coir to all growers.
Andy Pierce, USA
Growing on Millenniumsoils Coir since 1994
Our cucumber and peppers grown in Millenniumsoils Coco Growbags once again took off very quickly and the crop was the best we ever had.
John & Howard Huy, Canada
Growing on Millenniumsoils Coir since 1993
I have tomatoes, cucumbers, and Italian sweet peppers. They are all hydroponically grown and we used your Millenniumsoils Coir Growbags. I am very pleased with the results.
Darrell Westover, USA
Growing on Millenniumsoils Coir since 1993
"We grow orchids with Millenniumsoils Coco Chips, and they last over 3 - 4 years
Koichi Ichihara, USA
Thanks to Millenniumsoils Coir, we produce excellent, high quality long stem roses.
Walter Deitrick III
Listen to me, fellow growers... I was shocked at the results of this coir product. I cannot speak for anyone else, but the results I find with my tomatoes and geraniums are excellent. Coconut Coir is A+ for me. Give it a try, not for me, but for yourself. You will be pleased you did.
Ernest Poortinga
"It's been good doing business with Millenniumsoils Coir, and we're very satisfied with the good quality and service"
Otto Bulk, Canada
Growing on Millenniumsoils Coir since 1992
My tomatoes are growing well in Millenniumsoils Coir Growbags. I am happy I made the change from rockwool.
Don Stepanika

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