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    A Natural Way to Increase your Bottom Line

    Millenniumsoils Coir is proud to offer our line of "Roots-EZ" propagation products.  Finally, a Coconut Coir propagation product that can work in commercial propagation facilities. These environmentally friendly "Roots-EZ" were designed to work with Millenniumsoils Coir Growbags to achieve optimal growing results in a complete 100% Coconut growing media.  This special mix of Millenniumsoils Coir and a natural bonding material will give you the correct ratio of air space and water holding capacity to give you quick and healthy plants. Using our "Roots-EZ" will reduce plant stress caused from the changing of one media to another. Millenniumsoils Coir "Roots-EZ" promote healthy root growth, and can decrease propagation time.


    As well, we continue to offer the standard compressed coir propagation products.


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