Specialty Mixes

    Growers all over North America and the world have different needs and therefore require different mixtures. Millenniumsoils Coir offers many different mixture to suit a variety of needs. Check out our mixtures below to see what suits your needs.

    Gerbera Mix

    • A Coarse mixture that has proven itself to work well with Gerberas, Lillies, etc.
    • Contains specially graded Coconut Husk Chips, mixed with high quality horticultural grade sieved Coir.

    Coarse Grade Bales

    • A mixture of Coconut Coir and chips to create a Coarse material suitable for all types of production
    • Created similar to premium mix in our Growbags. Will work for vegetable production where bulk material is required
    • Also works well for a flower producers looking for a Coarser mixture that still has excellent water retention

    Crush Bales

    • A very Coarse mixture containing Fine grade Coconut Husk Chips compressed into a smaller Bale.
    • An excellent media for any production needing high aeration content

    Fibre Free Bales

    • Coconut Coir Bales that have most of the long fibre strands removed.
    • Works well for production where machines can not handle hairy fibres.
    • As most of these mixes are custom made, we do not carry them in stock on a regular basis. Please contact us more info on ordering, and lead time.

    Call for more details and wholesale pricing.

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